About Mauritius

Mauritius is a prime investment location with an exclusive lifestyle experience supported by a stable economic, social and political climate.

Mauritius, has a tremendously expanded list of citizens from across the globe, with origins that can be traced back to Africa, India, France, England, and China. The island draws its special charm from its culturally diverse, peaceful society. A land of contrasts, Mauritius is recognised, year after year as a leading nation in Africa with a thriving economy.

The island is appreciated for its temperate tropical climate, breathtaking landscapes, internationally acclaimed hospitality services, high-quality healthcare and educations systems, warm and welcoming people as well as modern infrastructure, which contribute to a dynamic, high-end real estate market.

Mauritius Island

The Island

  • Population: 1.3m
  • Total Surface Area: 2040 km2, with over 150km of beaches bordered by lagoons
  • Languages: English, French, Mauritian Creole
  • Average coastal temperature : 24 °C
  • Time Zone: GMT+4
  • Currency: Mauritian Rupee
Mauritius Politics

The Island: Politics

  • Political system: Parliamentary Democracy, with general elections by universal suffrage every 5 years
  • Legal system governed by French Code Napoleon & British common law
  • Member of the Commonwealth, UN, WTO and African Union
  • Democracy Index 2017 (Economist Intelligence Unit): 16th Worldwide
  • Social progress Index 2017: 39th Worldwide

The Island: Economy

  • Economic freedom of the World Index 2017: 7th Worldwide Freedom
  • World Bank: Best country to do business in Africa
  • Mo Ibrahim Index of African Governance 2017: 1st
  • Strong banking, business and off-shore sector
  • Cyber Security (ITU 2017): 1st in Africa, amongst the 10 most committed in the World.
  • Island enjoying optical fibre connectivity
  • Deep-water port with free trade zone
  • Diversified Economy: 68% Services, 25% Industry, 7% Agriculture
  • Employment Rate: 93%
  • GDP growth : 4%
  • GDP per capita: $21,600


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